Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Gifting and some new recruits

I promised to show you a better quality photograph of this quilt.  Here you go...and better of're seeing it with its 'Cutesy Tootsie' new owner in its new home.  Sarah is one of our former CEOs and her daughter is recovering from recent heart surgery. Recovery has been amazingly swift and the quilt was received with much excitement whilst being closely investigated (see the blurred, applauding hands in the photograph). This photograph warmed our hearts - big time - and we can't thank Sarah enough for allowing us to share it. We're praying for continued speedy recovery.

I hope you like what we made from your kind gift Katy.  

We consider 'Bee Blessed' to be everyone associated with us or contributing to us in any way, as does Sarah.  I have to share this:

Sarah writes...

"Thank you everyone at Bee Blessed for thinking of Cutsey Tootsie as she had her operation and for sending this lovely quilt for her to enjoy. I can see it being used for all sorts of rascally play! She has recovered so quickly from her heart surgery and is full of life and energy. She is such a resilient wee sprout and we are blessed by her spirit. Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and for all the lovely work you do to bless families and individuals just like us with the fruits of your labour."

We also gifted these quilts inside this last month

Thanks once again to Francis Paul for completing this top and adding batting and backing etc. Also to Katy for your fabric gift.

The two Tumbler Quilts, above, have made their way to new homes in England.

It's lovely to get new recruits.  Helen and Sarah joined us this month.  Helen has been supporting us for quite a while, making blocks etc, and has recently written a lovely blog mentioning us. I know she has been trying to join us for some time now and I'm glad it happened!!! Having met Sarah at another sewing class we're delighted that she joined us and more importantly that she's a dab hand with the hoover. Hope to see you again soon ladies...

Some photos of the other happy campers...

Ros says this will be a quilt top in an afternoon...teehee...and will look like this one we made earlier...

 A little bit of gentle hand sewing

Whoops...had enough...I'm leaving...

This was completed and quilted, all ready for a new home.

That just about sums up what happened at Bee Blessed this last month.   

We have posted our current block in the previous blog and would appreciate it if you would make us one.  It just remains to thank you for your continued support.

Happy Sewing

March 2017 Block - Canvas Block

We've decided to go scrappy with this month's block which I spotted on Judith Hollies' former blog - one of our very own Bees.  She was inspired by her friend Leanne's Canvas quilt which is just fab and I really recommend you check it out here.

We are making it just as Judith suggests, using two colourways (different prints) one colourway making up the four inner squares and the other colourway making up the outer square - as below.  A word of warning...please pay attention to the layout and placement of the rectangles and squares on the outer edge as misplacement may mean resorting to the dreaded seam ripper...something we all like to avoid!!! 
We ask that you keep the colours bright and modern please.

You can find the tutorial for your unfinished 12 1/2 inch Canvas Block here.  It's a quick, fun block to make using a great tutorial.  For more colour inspiration Judith has posted some photographs of Canvas Blocks she made for a Siblings Together Quilt on Flickr.

The Canvas Block tutorial is on Judith's former blog but she has an amazing new website with all sorts of loveliness, information and inspiration which you can read and enjoy here. Big thanks to Judith for allowing us to use this.

We would like the block by 31st March please and appreciate every block you send to us. Thank you.

Happy Sewing

Monday, 6 February 2017

February 2017 get together - Ros is captured

Photograph time comes around and you can guarantee that most people hold a quilt over their face...especially our CEO...but I managed to capture Ros this time, peeping from behind a Tumbler Block Quilt.  You may have escaped last month when I wasn't there, Ros, but....gotcha and publishing you EXTRA LARGE!!!!

The Tumblers, above and below, were made from donated Charm Packs.  We're able to use most of what we receive, pulling together a few pieces from here and there and coming up with some really pretty quilts.

A kind lady donated this almost completed pink and girly quilt top - only the binding was required - and Heather quickly whizzed through that.  It's ready for its new home.

This is such an easy pattern, yet so effective and one of my favourite quilts.  I don't know if it's just me but the edges of the bricks look wavy!  Is it time to get my glasses changed?  It was handed over for gifting this week.

Lighting in the basement was very poor on Saturday.  This photograph doesn't do the above quilt can't see the beautiful longarm quilting by Hilary or the bright, funky fabric and that's frustrating.  It is ready for gifting but I'll get a better photograph to show you before then.

Big thanks to all who sent in December's Wonky Log Cabin Block.  It was a busy time of year and your participation is much appreciated.  Big thanks also to the ladies who came through last week, last minute, with the perfect number of blocks to complete the quilt.  Amazing how that happens :))))

That's about it for this month. We're trying to build up some kiddies' quilts for a special project, so hopefully next time I should be able to update you on that. 

Thanks to all those who support us in any way. The previous blog has our current block or you can click here.  We're hoping to make a fresh, modern, bright quilt...after all Spring is just round the corner.  

Happy Sewing

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Double Pinwheel Block

 This month's block should spark some interesting colour combinations.

I love Double Pinwheel Blocks and I found a fab tutorial here, by Sew Happy Geek.  Just scroll halfway down the page, past the tutorial for the Friendship Block and you'll come to the Double Pinwheel/QST Pinwheel Block.

We'd like the background to be white, as above, and the pinwheels to be contrasting shades of bright colours. A fresh, modern quilt is our aim.

Your completed block should measure 12 1/2 inches.

I found that pressing my seams open kept the centre bulk of fabric to a minimum and trimming the quadrants to 6 1/2 inches, lining up with the diagonal on the ruler (just as Sew Happy Geek explains), left me with pretty good points.

We need the blocks by 3rd March, just before our next Bee Blessed Saturday and are grateful for all those blocks you so faithfully send to us.

We meet on Saturday so look out for an update early next week.

Happy Sewing

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Happy New Year

I'm a little late wishing you all a Happy New Year. It's already well into January and I can happily see a stretch in the evenings.  It won't be long until Spring, whoop, whoop!!

This is a quickie to let you see what happened when we last met.

Ros took lots of 'happy worker' photographs, in my here they are!

I've just one question... 

Where are you Ros!!!

Camera shy??!!

We didn't get a chance to meet before Christmas but who doesn't like a pressie in the New Year!!!

We put borders on this 'orphan block' quilt.

Before Christmas I mentioned that Katy Cameron, the_littlest_thistle, ran a 'giveaway' on Instagram and this is one of her generous donations to Bee Blessed. Thanks once again.

Big thanks, also, to Francis Paul from the Netherlands who very kindly claimed the donated fabric, made us the quilt below and brought it to the UK during the Christmas holidays for her daughter to forward on to us.  The quilt is beautiful and we very much appreciate all your hard work. 

These blocks were also donated by the_littlest_thistle

The blocks have been sewn together, a border added, and the lovely Hilary has quilted it on her long arm.  I haven't seen it as yet but I've been informed that it's pretty amazing.  I'll show it to you asap.

It just remains for me to show you the quilts which were gifted during the last month.

Didn't the Wonky Cross quilt turn out extremely well.  Thanks for your blocks!!!  It was gifted, along with our thoughts and prayers, to a very special man. We wish him well.

So that's all for now.  I'll post the new block next week.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us in any way.  Hopefully we can renew our acquaintance in 2017.

Happy Sewing

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Tis the Season...

Life has been busy, so once again I'm running a little late.  I do, however, have some warranted entered my life in the form of a new granddaughter (all the heart eyes), I've been organising my current sewing room in preparation for a swap into my husband's larger 'man cave'...and Christmas is coming.  I need say no more.  Santa - AKA hubby - decided I deserved a longarm and a bigger room to put it in - who am I to argue :))).

Back to business!  We met and made some more Wonky Log Cabin blocks.  All the relevant information is here, should you wish to make one.  The fab tutorial is by Quilt Dad and it's going to be a bright, cheery quilt.

These are the projects we worked on. Thanks for all your Wonky Cross blocks. The quilt top is on its road to completion and promises to be a stunner.  We have a couple of left over blocks which can be included in our next masculine quilt, when we have enough orphan blocks stockpiled. 

Speaking of which - we have sufficient orphan blocks for this quilt top.

There was some more progress made on our Batik Tumbler quilt.

Short work was made of a French General charm pack.

Recently Katy Cameron, the_littlest_thistle, ran a 'giveaway' on Instagram and this is one of her generous donations to Bee Blessed. It's very different from what we have used before, in that some of the motifs are appliqu├ęd on, and we're excited by how it's looking.  Big thanks to you Katy.  Motifs have been FMQ sketched on and blocks joined.  Just the borders to go now and then it will whizz off to its new home.  
(A lovely lady in the Netherlands has claimed the other donated fabric and has already completely finished a quilt. It will be making its way to us in the New Year, when we will be able to share it with you.  Many thanks FP!!!)

Big thanks also to Hilary, who not only longarms a quilt for us each month but also donated this pretty pink quilt.  The photograph doesn't do it justice.

The finished Woven Block quilt was handed over to a beautiful lady and our thoughts and prayers accompany it.  Thank you all for your input.

I've a few more projects to share but the lighting was poor so I'll leave them until next time.

It just remains to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Thank you for all you have done to help in any way during 2016 and we hope to continue our connection in 2017.

Happy Sewing